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Dr. Pen Ultima A6S Microneedling Kit

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Microneedling technology is used in salons by professionals worldwide and now you can treat a range of concerns at home with unlimited use of your own microneedling kit for a fraction of the cost of clinical treatments!  A6S derma pen aims to treat scar tissue, lax skin, wrinkles and large pores by increasing collagen and rejuvenating all skin types.

  • The A6S configuration of 16 needles. Thinner needle diameter of 0.18 are more compatible with the skin's texture, resulting in less pain, less trauma and faster healing. 

Choosing the right microneedling kit for you comes down to personal preference, budget, appearance and functionality. Need help choosing a microneedling kit? Ask our Beauty Therapist, call customer support 0274436495 or support@skinbay.co.nz

    Dr Pen
    Ultima A6S
    Replaceable Cartridges
    Replace different cartridges 
    according to different usage requirements. 16/36/42
    Power Wireless rechargeable batteries
    Operating Modes 6 speed settings up to a max of 17000 RPM (revolutions per minute)  Press buttons to adjust speed,1-6 levels
    Digital display Digital display shows speed
    Rechargeable batteries. Two included. 4-6 hour charge time
    Needle Depth Adjustment Needles can be adjusted to lengths as needed, adapting to your skins concerns. Adjustable needle length 0-2.5mm
    Use Time Up to 4hours use on a single charge
    Certification CE Certified
    Warranty 12 month limited warranty


    • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    • Improve sun damage and pigmentation
    • Fights acne and improves acne scars
    • Improve absorption of your favourite skincare products
    • Improves Rosacea
    • Treats scaring
    • Shrinks pores
    • Fights stretch marks
    • Treats hair loss/Alopecia


    • Noticeable cosmetic improvement within a few days of the first treatment.
    • Minimal healing time
    • No permanent damage or injury
    • No bruising, infection, discolouration or other complications
    • Almost all skin types can be treated
    • Thickens the dermis without damage
    • Fewer side effects than laser or peels 

    What's in the kit?

    1 x Dr. pen A6S
    1 x USB charge cable
    1 x USB wall charger NZ/AU approved
    1 x User Manual
    2 x 16 needle A6S replacement cartridges (single use) disposable
    2 x Rechargeable lithium Ion batteries
    1 x Storage box

    How to use

    Step #1. Cleanse. Before you start any facial treatment, wash your face thoroughly and remove all makeup, using a gentle cleanser.

    Step #2. Serum Infusion Apply hyaluronic serum to face and cosmetic needle into skin, repeating over each area in a circular motion 3 times. 

    Step #3. Post Serum Infusion After needling is complete, apply appropriate serums suitable for treating your skin conditions .

    • Popular serums include vitamin C, vitamin A, peptides and hyaluronic acid. We also sell a hyaluronic acid serum in our online store. Did you know you have only 10 minutes after needling to infuse serums before the micro channels close up? 

    Please note: A user manual is included with the kit, including diagrams and helpful advice to get the best results. Our Qualified Beauty Therapist is always available to answer any questions you may have. 

    How does microneedling work?

    The ultra thin titanium needles create tiny micro-channels in the skin’s surface. This stimulates the body to boost the regenerative processes that naturally take place in the skin everyday. During this regeneration collagen and elastin production can be increased causing the skin to become firmer, for scars to gradually reduce and for wrinkles to smooth out.

    This information is to help you inform yourself. Please do you own research to decide if you're a good candidate. Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment and results may vary, therefore, there is no guarantee as to the results that may be obtained. The content provided on this website is for informational purposes only. This is NOT a substitute for a Doctor’s advice or professional care. Please consider seeking advice from a skin professional or doctor.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Melissa Kirk
    Fastest shipping in the land!

    First off, I had amazing service when I ordered this pen, the shipping was so fast! And I was given all the info I needed to get started with confidence. I have used this device twice so too soon to review my results. I thought I would need numbing creme at 1.5 depth but it wasn't painful just mildly uncomfortable.

    Eva Wilson
    Not as scary as it looks!

    I was a bit hesitant to try this product as I haven’t had micro needling before, but it’s really impressed me! It’s simple to use and the needles come in sterile packaging. The feeling is actually very comfortable; I would recommend some numbing cream if you’re nervous but I have been using it without the numbing since my second use. Huge money saver $$$