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Welcome to SkinBay!

We are a proud New Zealand owned/based company and our goal is provide Clinical skin care and high tech skin care equipment with a focus on providing you with professional after sales care & support from our qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist and Skinbay founder. All of your orders are dispatched locally from our warehouse in Christchurch and we believe great skin should be accessible for everyone, at a more affordable price than what you’d pay for going to a beauty salon. 

We can help you choose which skin care & equipment to buy, how to use it and even which products can improve your specific skin concerns and we are always available to answer any questions you may have and to support you with getting the best out of your products from SkinBay. 

Join our facebook group for professional skin care support.

Skinbabble is a facebook group we created for skin care enthusiasts and DIY skin treatment focused discussions. Skinbabble is where we can share our knowledge and experiences of using our home skin care so that we can all gain a better understanding of our equipment and help each other to achieve our goals of healthy and youthful skin together!  We welcome everyone, from beginners to advanced, skincare junkies to professionals. See you there!

You can now book a complimentary tele-consult with our Beauty Advisor.