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Brightening Correction Peel 50ml

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The Brightening Peel is a Mandelic and Lactic Acid chemical exfoliant. These gentle, yet hardworking acids assist in dissolving dead skin cells to battle stubborn pigmentation, breakouts and blackheads.

Other spot-fading ingredients include turmeric (tetrahydrocurcumin at 0.25%), mulberry and licorice extracts. 10 minutes a week is all it takes to give you flawless, smooth skin. Reducing acne, blackheads and dullness. 

A superficial peel that focuses on the outer layers of the skin means it is less irritating than most acids. Perfect for sensitive skin and those who cannot handle high dosage glycolic or salicylic acid.

Giving an instant reset and glow, there is nothing better to turn your skin around.


•  Brightens and rejuvenates skin

•  Evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun spots, melasma

•  Reduces appearance of enlarged or blocked pores

•  Increases cell turnover

• Anti-ageing

• Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory

• Stimulates collagen


• People with sensitive skin

• People with darker skin tones

• Pregnant women who want to use a hydroxy acid peel

• Anyone wanting to target dull complexion, uneven skin-tone and pigmentation

• Anyone with acne-prone skin After cleansing, apply a generous layer onto face and problem areas.
Leave on for up to 10 minutes.
Then remove thoroughly with lukewarm water and a LA CLINICA facial cloth.
Use once per week and increase frequency as tolerated.
Use sun protection daily.
Patch test prior to use. It is important to be aware that because the Brightening Peel focuses on the outer layer of the skin, superficial shedding and peeling is common. Stick to the instructions to avoid peeling too much and don’t use it with other actives. Pair with Deep Hydration Moisture Cream to keep skin hydrated if experiencing peeling and always use sunscreen.

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