Fixing Pigmentation with Microneedling

Fixing Pigmentation with Microneedling

Many Men and Women across all ages suffer from pigmentation and anyone who has hyperpigmentation knows that it is difficult to overcome. Pigmentation is caused by an excess production of melanin by the melanocyte cells in our body. There are many factors that causes this over production. 

  • Sun exposure - UV-R
  • Hormonal fluctuations - Pregnancy
  • Post Inflammatory - Acne, trauma, burns, insect bites
  • Internal skin ageing - aged skin cells forget to function 
  • Chemical interactions - Medicines
  • Photosensitisers - Fragrance, essential oils

Microneedling is fast-becoming a popular choice in skin rejuvenation and is very successful in treating pigmentation, It can help to reduce hyper-pigmentation by breaking up the pigment below the skin surface.

So how can we treat hyperpigmentation with needling?

If the hyperpigmentation resides in the epidermis, outer layer of the skin, it responds very well to cosmetic microneedling. The problem is if the pigmentation is in the dermis, deeper part of the skin, it requires the deeper needling treatments of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and it will take more treatments to resolve.

Combination Treatments

A combination of cosmetic needling and CIT treatments plus using lightening/brightening serums/creams can be a very effective for persistent or deep hyperpigmentation or melasma. It is important to note that needling breaks down the pigment it doesn't remove it completely, thats where your lightening products come in. Look for products that contain ingredients that inhibit melanin: Kojic Acid and Arbutin. Other ingredients that brighten your skin are: Vitamin-A in all forms (Retin A, Retinol), Vitamin-C , Licorice, Alpha Hydroxy acids and other plant based extracts.  

Pigment reducing tips from Sandy

* The first step in any pigment-reducing regime is the daily application of sunscreen, spf 30 or higher, even during winter!

* Cosmetic needling treatments once per week, combined with CIT once every 4-6 weeks. 

* For healthy, glowy skin, use skincare products that have one of the following ingredients: vitamin C, kojic acid, liquorice or vitamin B3.

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