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Dr Pen M8 vs A6s - SkinBay
A common question our customers ask is "which is better, the Dr Pen A6s or the M8?"
Both the M8 and A6s are great microneedling devices, either will effective in treating scarring, ageing, pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks and acne. Choosing the best device for you ultimately comes down to personal preference, budget, packaging appearance, and functionality.
Dr pen Ultima M8 is our best selling at home microneedling pen and is a great all-around tool. It requires minimal assembly, it has the built in battery, simply charge for wireless use or can be used with the cord.  For achieving a healthy, glowing, and plumped skin with minimal downtime, It has special 16 needles cartridges with 0.18 ultra thin needle diameter, it's the finest needle cartridges on the market, able to penetrate more ultra fine microscopic channels which causes less trauma, less pain with a faster recovery.  


  • Lightweight, easy to use and effective for self use
  • LCD screen displays, manage 6 Speed levels 
  • Built in battery for wireless use
  • Ultra fine 16 needles replacement cartridge for added comfort
  • Powerful motor up to 15,000RPM giving you more micro channels per surface area covered.
  • 1 year warranty included
  • Cons
  • No additional batteries, but for home use this is not an issue. 

Dr. Pen Ultima A6S Professional Plus Is a popular choice for professional users and is the most advanced of all the Dr. Pen products. The A6s has a LCD digital display that shows the speed levels with a touch of a button. It also comes with two rechargeable batteries, both with the digital display, and can be used wired or wireless.

Like the M8 the A6s has the 16 needle, 0.18 ultra thin needle diameter, creating more channels with less pain. It's also has more replacement cartridge options. Offering a customisable treatment choose either, Nano, 11 needles, 16 needles or 36 needles, and it is the only Dr pen with a 42 needle cartridge. 

For professionals you can't go past the A6s, it has all of the features of the M8 plus the extra battery capacity and 2 year warranty!


  • Smart memory that remembers your preferred usage speed
  • Dual powered - use with a plug-in adapter and 6-foot cord, or wirelessly with two batteries for portability. 
  • Powerful motor up to 18,000RPM giving you more micro channels per surface area covered. 
  • Ultra fine 16 needles replacement cartridge for better results with less pain
  • Plus a 2 year warranty!


  • Price tag, $379 is totally worth it!

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