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Getting the Best Out of your Microdermabrasion Kit with These Tips

Getting the Best Out of your Microdermabrasion Kit with These Tips - SkinBay

Our Microdermabrasion Kits are an excellent, at home deep exfoliation treatment that results in glowing, youthful skin. But, as with anything with skincare, you can’t just “fix it and forget about it.” You’ll have to maintain your results.

Before your start Patch Test

Our kits have a variety of suction levels.  It's important to patch test the intensity of your microdermabrasion device, prior to use. Select the lowest level of suction and lightly glide the handset over the Back of your Hand / Forearm to practice the stroke angle and test the reaction of your skin.
Be Gentle Your Skin is Delicate!
  • Start with the lowest setting.
  • Using your freehand pull skin taut while treating.
  • Begin from the very bottom of your face and make your way upwards.
  • Gently glide the handset along the natural lines of the face.
  • Do not apply any pressure when treating.
  • Strokes should be smooth and swift for best results.
  • Find the optimal angle. This can take some practice, find the angle which continues suction throughout the stroke!

Learn from each treatment and adjust to perfect the treatment for your skin type!

Relieve tenderness. Microdermabrasion has minimal downtime, but sometimes skin can be sensitive afterward. If your skin is feeling tender or has a sunburned feel to it, you can apply the cold compress function to soothe it or use a cold compress face cloth. 

Hydrate & Moisturise. Because you have removed years of dead skin, you skin may feel drier than normal. Be sure to serum & moisturise after each treatment to leave your skin hydrated, glowing and selfie-ready!  

Do not pick or scratch! Whatever you do, do not pick or scratch at your newly exfoliated skin. This can cause trauma to the fresh skin cells.

Be cautious with sun exposure & protect. After treatment, avoid tanning or sun exposure for at least a week, and wear a minimum of SPF30 daily! After that week, you can start getting your Vitamin D, but remember that too much exposure UV rays damage the skin and can undo the treatment you underwent.

Drink water. Drinking plenty of water not only makes you feel better, but it also helps you heal and maintain a lovely complexion.

Follow up with weekly treatments. Typically, best results are seen when you have multiple treatments. You may also want to combine microdermabrasion with other treatments that will further enhance your results, such as microneedling and Led Light Therapy. 




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