Our top tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your skin care

Our top tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your skin care - SkinBay

6 Ways to Increase Skincare Penetration

How much of your serums and moisturisers are actually getting into your skin? You probably already suspect that 100% of the product doesn’t penetrate, but it is important your skin is soaking up and processing as much of the key ingredients as it can.

Here are our top tips to ensure you're getting the most of your skin care

1. Exfoliate regularly

Removing the dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin’s outermost layer is essential for effective skincare penetration. Dead skin cells act as a physical barrier when you remove them, you allow your serums and moisturisers to reach the healthy skin and penetrate deeper, making your serums work more effective.

Consider using our Microdermabrasion rejuvenation kit once a week which uses a microcrystalline head to buff away the dull layers. Or if you prefer something more gentle try Aspects Illuminating Polish which is a triple action exfoliant that contains a very fine powder, enzymes and AHA's to leave skin skin feeling instantly smoother and radiant. 

2. Apply serums to damp skin

The skin is a lot more absorbent when it’s damp. When damp your skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing anything that comes its way. Apply your products when you first get out of the shower. You can also spritz your skin with a facial mist for added moisture.

3. Layer your skin care

As a general rule, the order depends on the texture. The lightest-textured serums usually go first and the thickest-textured serums go last.
But also take into consideration the type of active ingredient your serum has. Layer your skincare in order of products containing higher active concentration of ingredients first such as Aspects Retinol LGS, I recommend always applying this potent serum before anything else.

4. Warm your skin

Raising skin temperature cause blood vessels to pores to dilate and increases the surface area for better permeability. Apply skin care straight after the shower or consider doing a compress with a warm, moist towel first before applying serums and moisturisers.

5. Use a Facial Massage Technique

A facial massage not only feels relaxing but also helps with skincare penetration. Gently massage your face in upward motions to increase blood flow and promote absorption. This technique can be especially beneficial when using facial oils or serums.

6. Consider microneedling

Dr.pen is is a automated handheld tool with a cartridge attachment containing tiny needles. Microneedling involves sweeping the needle cartridge over your skin to create micro channels—essentially, tiny injuries—on the skin’s surface, prompting the skin to produce more collagen. Research has shown microneedling can also improve absorption of skincare products. Many people receive this treatment either professionally or by using an at-home device. If you’re interested, ask our founder and skincare advisor to see if investing in a microneedling kit is right for you.

By following these six tips, you can enhance skincare penetration and ensure that your products deliver the best possible results. Remember, consistency is key, so make these practices a part of your regular skincare routine for long-term benefits.

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