The Beauty Boosting Benefits of Sonic Cleansing

The Beauty Boosting Benefits of Sonic Cleansing - SkinBay

Sonic cleansing devices have been on the market for years now. While the idea of using sonic technology for skincare isn’t a new concept, through recent scientific advancements, new sonic-powered devices have been developed that truly boost our beauty.

Sonic skin cleansers are designed to gently yet thoroughly cleanse pores without abrasion, damaging granular exfoliants, or harsh chemicals.

Using silicone bristles or filaments the sonic cleaning brush oscillate or vibrate at a ‘sonic’ speed. The desired effect is that the tiny, rapid movements disturb the lining of the pores to clean deeper and dislodge impurities and sebaceous plugs, whilst still being gentle. Makeup residue and pore impurities are removed, all while gently exfoliating the skin, encouraging your body to naturally regenerate new (healthy) skin. In addition, regular exfoliation helps minimise the on-set of fine lines and wrinkles, while creating a younger appearance.

Everyone with different skin issues can benefit incorporating the use of a sonic cleansing device into their daily routine. By regularly using sonic skin care tools, your current skin care products will start to penetrate the skin more efficiently, making them more effective and transformative.

Whether we want dewy, youthful-looking skin or a brighter, clearer complexion sonic cleansing should definitely be a daily part of our beauty regimen. 

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