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Great product

Awesome service and products. Highly recommend

Dermaplaning & Exfoliating Razor Set

I’m very happy with the set. Works better than the more commonly sold Schick brand from my experience. The communication and delivery from Skinbay was excellent!!

Just WOW!

I have used my pen hald a dozen times, and have left it for about 3 weeks, suddenly realised the crevice lol between my eyebrows is half of what it was and it is smoothing out! The lines on my face particularly around lips are also lessening. Love this pen best investment ever. I used to get fillers but this will last a lifetime at such a minimal outlay 🥰

Very soothing

I used this mask after doing at-home microneedling. I noticed it brought down the redness significantly, as well as the discomfort and skin tightness. I'll definitely be using after every microneedling session.

Skin prep pads

Super easy to use. Nice to know my skin is clean and hygienic in preparation for microneedling. Don’t feel like they dry my skin out at all.

Great for beginners

I've never used derma roller before. Great customer service before purchasing answered all my questions. I've purchased the .3 and .5 and taking it slow. Skin looks brighter and very little discomfort. I used the chlorhexidine skin prep pads so no infections! Will be repurchasing. Thanks

Great for acne prone skin

This product works really well for acne /break-out prone skin. I'm in my late 40s and still get hormonal break-outs and I've found this product has really helped to reduce the spreading of bacteria, prevent any active break-outs from getting worse, improves active acne overnight and doesn't dry out my skin. I also use it on my neck, chest and back. My teenage daughter also uses this product and it has done wonders for her skin. Suitable for all ages.

Anti-aging home care bundle

The pen is so easy to use, I thought it would be alot more painful but it was fine. My Acne has cleared up aswell which is great. Awesome wee treat with the L.E.D mask also

Home care bundle

Easy to use and have seen results after first use so much more affordable than going to a salon

Great product, delivering excellent salon-like results

I had my first micro-needling session in a salon. That cost $300 and I was booked for another two. I cancelled them and decided I'd rather spend the money on my own machine so I could have regular sessions at home. I chose the Dr Pen Ultima A6S Michroneedling Pen because it has different needle cartridges. I went with Skinbay because they sell the genuine product and are local. Delivery was fast and the pen is excellent. I've now completed two sessions (saved myself money) and have already noticed a big difference in pigmentation and fine wrinkles. Recommend.


The reason why I ordered the last products is that they perfectly does the job for my skin and I’m happy to buy the same products again and a bit more soon thank you so much for my beautiful skin 😘

Greatest eye cream

Absolutely love this product makes such a difference

Resurfacing stage 2 Cream

I just started using this the night before last. I found the cream quite heavy on my skin. As it was just the first time, this may improve... Normally wouldn't have made any comments yet, but this was from you, so here I go...
PS I've been using up the other cosmetic products I purchased recently so don't like starting anything new till I've done the right thing with the previous...

Derma Roller Review

Top quality product and excellent customer service.

Love this product!

I've been using Skin Bay's 1% Hyaluronic Acid Serum for about a month, and I'm impressed with the results. This serum has been a game-changer for my skincare routine. It provides intense hydration, leaving my skin feeling plump and moisturised. I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and appearance of my skin. The serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly, making it easy to incorporate into my daily regimen. It's also gentle on my skin, and I haven't experienced any irritation. Overall, I highly recommend Skin Bay's 1% Hyaluronic Acid Serum for anyone looking to boost their skin's hydration and improve its overall health.

Great product

This brightening serum appears to be working on my pigment prone skin. It is very liquid which I got caught out initially as it squirted everywhere however i now pump it into the palm of my hand and apply. One pump does my whole face with some for my neck. I have very sensitive skin yet this product didn't cause a reaction. I recommend this product.

Ultimate Pen

This Derma Pen is fantastic, I’ve been using it for two years and I have had good results with it. It’s easy to use and a convenient, plus it saves a lot of money instead of having to visit a clinic!

Ultimate Pen

This Derma Pen is fantastic, I’ve been using it for two years and I have had good results with it. It’s easy to use and a convenient, plus it saves a lot of money instead of having to visit a clinic!

Dr Pen ultimate M8S microneedling pen

The service and support is amazing! I have my own beauty tools to use at my convenience with full ongoing support saving me so much financially and building my confidence with each use. This my skin now with only a touch of gloss

Titanium Derma Rollers
Hannah Barnes
Love it!

So easy to use at home, results are immediate with the skin looking plump and glowing just days after use. 11s Lines between my forehead decreased too. I live an hour drive from a micro needling salon so this is just super convenient- DIY for the win! Photo taken 2 days after second treatment.

Hey Hannah, thanks so much for the review and the lovely pic. Derma Rollers are perfect for DIY microneedling, and convenience, exactly why I founded Skinbay, so your win is a win for us too!

its good


Near-Infrared LED Mask

Fantastic personal service/delivery and follow up. After 1 month my skin feels and looks healthier. My concern area's are definitely softening. My daughter has also achieved fantastic results with problem skin.

Hi Angeladena, thanks so much for the review, it's lovely to see the mask is working for you both!

Love it!!

Have used this mask for a few months now, loving the hydration it gives and fresh look for the face!!

Excellent Product & Service

I have saved hundreds of dollars by microneedling my own face, as opposed to goin to a beauty therapist. I feel as though the results are the same. Service from SkinBay is excellent too.

Brilliant Bundle

Purchased this bundle as a way to start looking after my skin. Products are easy to use and Sandy has been great promptly answering any questions I've had. Too early to see definite results from microneedling yet, but the light mask is making my skin nice and soft.